Human Trafficking in Denmark 2021

80 men, women and children are identified as victims of human trafficking in Denmark in 2021. This excerpt gives an insight in their nationality, age and exploitation.

Human Trafficking i Denmark 2021

'Human trafficking in Denmark 2021' is an excerpt of the Danish annual report made by The Danish Centre against Human trafficking.

The excerpt presents key statistics and data about human trafficking in Denmark. The purpose is to convey knowledge about human trafficking in Denmark and the distribution of gender, nationality, age and forms of exploitation.

Historically female victims have outnumbered the share of male victims, but in 2021 the share is almost equal, with a total of 37 male victims and 42 female victims. The distribution of gender in 2021 is a result of an increase of male victims and a decrease of female victims compared to previous years.”

The men are primarily exploited for forced labour or criminal actions. The number of people trafficked into forced labour and criminal actions has doubled compared to 2020, while the number of people trafficked into prostitution has decreased.

Source: ‘'Human Trafficking in Denmark 2021. Excerpt of annual report, with a focus on statistics and data'